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Livebearers are defined as fish that do not lay eggs, but instead the females retain them inside their bodies for a period of several days (usually around 20–28 days) and give birth to live babies capable of looking after themselves. Livebearers are known for being especially prolific breeders. Most livebearers belong to the families Poeciliidae or Goodeidae, both of which belong to the order Cyprinodontiformes. The most well known livebearers being the Guppy, Molly and Platy.

There is some discussion over which of the well-known livebearers can crossbreed. The known crosses are as follows:

Generally if the fish do not share a genus, they can definately not crossbreed. Some crosses are fertile and stable such as the Guppy x Endler, but some are rare, sickly and sterile such as Guppy x Platy.

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Common Name Species Name Image Difficulty Maximum Size Tank Size
Banded Merry Widow Phallichthys fairweatheri No Image.png Easy 2.5 in 15 gal
Barred Topminnow Quintana atrizona No Image.png Moderate 3.5 cm 10 gal
Big Geiseri Gambusia Gambusia geiseri No Image.png Easy 2 in 10 gal
Blackbarred Limia Limia nigrofasciata No Image.png Moderate 5.2 cm 25 gal
Blackbelly Limia Limia melanogaster No Image.png Moderate 5 cm 20 gal
Butterfly Goodeid Ameca splendens No Image.png Moderate 5 in 25 gal
Catemaco Platy Xiphophorus milleri No Image.png Moderate 2 in 12 gal
Cortez Swordtail Xiphophorus cortezi No Image.png Easy 3 in 20 gal
Creole Topminnow Girardinus creolus No Image.png Moderate 4.4 cm 15 gal
Dusky Goodea Goodea gracilis No Image.png Easy 4.7 in 20 gal
Eastern Mosquito Fish Gambusia holbrooki No Image.png Easy 8 cm 20 gal
Endler's Livebearer Poecilia wingei Poeciliawingei.jpg Easy 3 cm 10 gal
Four Spotted Merry Widow Phallichthys quadripunctatus No Image.png Easy 3.5 in 20 gal
Goldbreast Goodeid Ilyodon furcidens No Image.png Moderate 4 in 25 gal
Hispaniolan Gambusia Gambusia hispaniolae No Image.png Moderate 6 cm 20 gal
Huber's Knife Livebearer Alfaro huberi No Image.png Moderate 5 cm 20 gal
Isthmian Priapella Priapella intermedia Priapella intermedia male.jpg Moderate 5 cm 15 gal
Knife Livebearer Alfaro cultratus No Image.png Moderate 3 in 25 gal
Largescale Foureyes Anableps anableps Foureyedfish-499.jpg Moderate 12 in 125 gal
Least Killifish Heterandria formosa Heterandria formosa-8072.jpg Easy 3 cm 5 gal
Leopardfish Phalloceros caudimaculatus No Image.png Moderate 4 cm 15 gal
Mayland's Molly Poecilia maylandi No Image.png Moderate 4 in 15 gal
Merry Widow Phallichthys amates No Image.png Easy 3.5 in 20 gal
Metallic Livebearer Girardinus metallicus Girardinus metallicus3563.jpg Moderate 6 cm 10 gal
Molly Poecilia butleri No Image.png Very Easy 8 cm 15 gal
Molly Poecilia sphenops Poecilia sphenops1.jpg Very Easy 10 cm 15 gal
Molly Poecilia latipinna Poecilia latipinna1.jpg Easy 8 in 25 gal
Montezuma Swordtail Xiphophorus montezumae Montezumaeswordtail-3721.jpg Moderate 3 in 20 gal
Piketop Minnow Belonesox belizanus Belonesox belizanus2837.JPG Challenging 14 cm 65 gal
Polka-Dot Goodeid Chapalichthys pardalis No Image.png Moderate 7 cm 20 gal
Pygmy Swordtail Xiphophorus pygmaeus No Image.png Moderate 4 cm 10 gal
Rainbow Goodeid Characodon lateralis No Image.png Moderate 2.2 in 15 gal
Red Ferrari Guppy Poecilia parae No Image.png Moderate 5 cm 10 gal
Red Tailed Goodeid Xenotoca eiseni Xenotoca eiseni3453.JPG Moderate 6 cm 15 gal
Sailfin Molly Poecilia velifera Poecilia velifera1.jpg Easy 6 in 25 gal
Shortfin Molly Poecilia mexicana Poecilia mexicana4567.jpg Moderate 11 cm 30 gal
Spotted Skiffia Skiffia multipunctata No Image.png Moderate 3 in 10 gal
Spotted Tail Mosquitofish Heterandria bimaculata No Image.png Moderate 15 cm 25 gal
Sunset Platy Xiphophorus variatus Xiphophorus variatus 01.jpg Easy 3 in 12 gal
Swamp Guppy Micropoecilia picta No Image.png Moderate 3 cm 10 gal
Swordtail Xiphophorus hellerii Swordtail2-89.jpg Easy 7 in 20 gal
Tico Merry Widow Phallichthys tico No Image.png Easy 2.5 cm 15 gal
Western Mosquitofish Gambusia affinis WesternMosquitofish.jpg Moderate 2 in 10 gal
Whitepatched Goodeid Allodontichthys hubbsi No Image.png Moderate 6 cm 15 gal
Wrestling Halfbeak Dermogenys pusillus Dermogenyspusillus-8546.jpg Moderate 3 in 25 gal


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